Munawar's Portfolio New Website

This is my personal project to compile and archive my experiences and works from the beginning of my involvement in education and applied design. For this project, I decided to get my own web’s address (domain) and subscribed to a web-hosting provider. It is also my first hands-on experiences using WordPress together with Elementor plugin. This website adapts responsive design that make it accessible from any mobile devices.

Online since: December 2018.

Graphic Design Concentration Website

This website was built for archiving the activities, alumni’s info, galleries and basic information of Graphic Design Concentration in University College of Bahrain (UCB). The contents for this website were updated on regular basis. The ideas and concept for this website was from Dr. Lilian Hallak and the content and administrative works were carried by Mr. Munawar Mokhtar and Ms. Lama Al Halabi. This is a free platform website using Wix Website Builder.

Online since: January 2015.

Munawar's Portfolio Old Website

For the purpose of displaying my detail information related to my academic qualification and works’ portfolio, I created this website using the free Wix Website Builder. This website project was created during my free-time that didn’t have any deadline of proper planning.

Online since: 2013 (currently inactive)

Channel 9 Website

The idea and concept development for Channel 9 website. Channel 9 is a television network in Malaysia that currently known as TV9, owned by Media Prima Berhad. This website design was to re-brand their identity when they changes their management.

January 2006.

Faculty of Creative Multimedia First Website

This is the first ever website for Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Multimedia University, Cyberjaya and also among my first responsibilities as a new employee for this institution. This website was active from July 2000 to July 2003 and then been replaced by a new and upgraded design. This website was created using Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Online since: 2000 (currently with a new and improved design)